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Commander – William L TremontSenior
Vice Commander – Joe Dora
JuniorVice Commander – Tom Padget
Quartermaster – Tony McClure
Adjutant – Mike Benton
ChaplainJudge Advocate – Glen Bentley
Surgeon – Neil Dora
One Year Trustee – Frank Cortez
Two Year Trustee
Three Year Trustee –
President – Julian Calos
Vice President – Kory Chapin
Chaplain – Olie
Sergeant of Arms – Chad Kohler
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History of Maricopa Post 720

With a list of one hundred names on its charter roll, Maricopa Post 720 has an imposing array of active comrades working in the interest of the veterans. Comrade Rollin V Shaw, deputized in 1920 by National to organize a Post and a Department, was largely instrumental in forming Maricopa Post 720. Comrade Thomas P Johnson and other similarly minded veterans ably assisted in getting the largest charter membership Post off to a flying start. An added honor was bestwoed upon them when the Post was instituted by Commander-in-Chief R.G. Woodside, who installed the first officers on 25 April 1921. Maricopa Post has take the name of the county in which it is situated. The Post built their clubrooms at 736 Woodlawn Avenue in Phoenix, starting construction in February 1928, which was completed and dedicated on 18 July 1928. The funds to construct the clubrooms were secured from money obtained from automobile races and donations in cash, including the work of many private citizens and veterans. It was with a spirit of devotion to the men, many of their former co-workers who never returned from France that they worked nights and Sundays to help finish the clubrooms in time for dedication. Maricopa Post 720 has supplied many Department Commanders and other Department officers since its inception. 1921. The first year of 720’s history was marked by several outstanding events. It was the first of the State’s Posts to carry a full standard of colors of their own that made a creditable showing in the Memorial Day parade in Phoenix. With a turnout of 87 (from a membership base of 100) snappy VFW members, most of them in their wartime uniforms, it was not surprising that special mention was given them in a newspaper account of the parade. For a new organization, little more than a month old, such a showing was truly remarkable. During that first year, the Post secured club rooms in the center of the downtown district, at the corner of Central and Adams, which were remodeled to suit the needs for both the meeting place and club rooms. This was the scene of many memorable gatherings. That fall, a very successful financial campaign was conducted; as a result of which, a delegate was sent to the National Encampment at Detroit with all expenses paid up to $300.00. That trip put Post 720 on the map for keeps. In 1922, Thomas P Johnson was elected Commander, having served as Senior Vice Commander the preceding year. In 1923, Comrade George L Branscomb was elected Commander. During 1924, one of the outstanding events was when Comrade Johnson decorated the Civil War Veterans with the VFW Cross of Malta during Memorial Day ceremonies, and they were appointed honorary members of Post 720. During the year 1925, Walter Righetti became the Commander, and organized automobile races in Phoenix. Also during that year, Comrade Righetti was instrumental in raising enough money to construct the Post home, that is still in use today. In 1926, then Commander C.K. McClure organized a bowling team, and present a swimming pool to the city of Phoenix. In 1928 Everett Newcomer was the commander, and he presided over dedication of the Post home. In 1928 the auto races moved to the State Fair Grounds, largely because of efforts of Post 720 members. Comrade Andrew Martin was Commander during 1929, and F.J. Carroll served in 1930. During this period a Boy Scout Troop was organized, and a radio was presented to the Post by the Women’s Relief Corps. Also, a standard was presented to the Phoenix City Council. IN 1931, then Commander Amos Hess organized a band, with Comrade Etzweiler serving as band leader. In 1932 the Post started boxing matches, with F.J. Abrams as chairman. The first joint installation ceremony of VFW and Auxiliary officers was held on November 10th. In 1933, during Comrade Newcomer’s second term as Commander, a Drum and Bugle Corps was started. Post 720 members also became very active in securing action on community property under the State exemption law. It was during Commander Fred Mehl’s tour in 1934 that Post officer and chairmen learned verbatim the VFW ritual for obligating new recruits; thus forming a Post Degree Team. In 1935, Jack Norred was the Commander, and Samuel Dudding served as Commander in 1936. During Samuel Dudding’s tour as Commander, Post 720 members put on the largest Bonus Rally ever. He also successfully conducted the Phoenix Bureau in for receiving applications of Bonus Certificates. In 1937 J. Wesley Marlar was elected Commander and also received a National Citation for bringing in the most new members. During the period 1937-38, National By-Laws were changed to elect Post Officers for a period of 6-months, thus requiring elections to be held in April instead of October. In October 1937 D.C. ‘Doc’ Hensen had been elected as Commander. Then Dewey Losch was elected Commander for the term 1938-39, and continued Post 720’s leadership role.


Post 720 Commanders

1923-24 Bryant R Turner 1924-25 Thomas P Johnson 1925-26 Clarence W Steel 1927-28 Charles W Harris 1930-31 Walter J Richetti 1931-32 Francis L Carroll 1933-34 Thomas E Carroll 1935-36 Jack C Norred 1939-40 Denver G Henson 1940-41 Fred C Mehl 1946-47 John Barry 1959-60 Robert W Lacey 1980-1981 Chris L Hammond 1982-83 Ralph ‘Ron’ Waters 1983-84 Vincent G Cummings 1984-85 Henry S Mays 1985-86 Claude E Winney 1986-87 Edwin C Carney 1987-88 William L Snider 1988-89 Neylan L Burfield 1989-90 William S Fisher 1990-91 Carl R Zoeller 1991-93 Wilbur L Brotton 1993-94 Robert F Bacher 1994-95 Terry Logan 1995-96 Donald S Mazurkewicz 1996-97 Steven McDonald 1997-98 Dennis F O’Neil 1998-03 William L Tremont 2003-10 Dominico Tamilo 2010-2011 Zachary Cheever 2011 (Succession) Mike Benton 2011-2012 William L Tremont



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